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Complete guide on fuel filters for boats: When to change them and their maintenance

Fuel filters are essential components in any marine propulsion system. Keeping them in good condition and changing them regularly is crucial for the optimal performance of your boat’s engine or work machine. At Talleres Nasio we have a wide variety of filters for the correct maintenance and operation of your engine, from fuel filters such […]

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FAQs about recreational boats

Today in our blog we talk about the world of recreational boats. We will answer frequently asked questions when buying a recreational boat, we will give you practical advice, and finally, we will talk about more technical aspects of the parts of a recreational boat, like the marine engine and the marine transmission. If you […]

Get to know in depth the injection system of a diesel engine for boats

A thorough understanding of engine operation is essential to maintain optimum performance and ensure engine efficiency. In this post we will explain in detail the injection system of an engine, we will talk about the parts of the injection system and we will also talk specifically about the PT Cummins injection pumps, our specialty. What […]

New! Talleres Nasio authorized service Sole

We incorporate a new brand: Solé Diesel Sole Diesel is a Spanish company specialized in the design, manufacture and sales of marine diesel engines and marine generators for recreational, commercial and industrial vessels. In today’s post we will explore the Sole brand, as well as the marine generators they manufacture and that we have available […]

Filtration system for marine and heavy duty engines

Diesel engine filters are critical components that help maintain fuel quality and protect the engine from contaminants that could cause damage. 5 types of filtration systems in diesel engines This filter is located in the fuel line before the injection pump. Its main function is to remove large particles, such as sediment and rust, which […]

Talleres Nasio: Your marine gearbox rebuilding or repair shop

A boat’s marine gearbox is an essential component that plays a crucial role in the overall efficiency and performance of the boat. Maintaining the marine gearbox in good condition is essential for the proper functioning of the boat. At Talleres Nasio we are experts in repairing and rebuilding Zf marine gearboxes, Technodrive marine gearboxes and […]

All about boat workshops and the unique experience of Talleres Nasio

If you are a lover of the sea and sailing, understanding the importance of keeping your boat in optimal conditions is fundamental. In this article, you will dive into everything related to boat workshops and we will tell you why our company, Talleres Nasio, is highlighted as a leading boat repair shop in our area […]

A voyage through the parts of a boat: Discovering its marine essence

In the vast world of boating, every vessel is a symphony of marine engineering, with its parts playing essential roles in ensuring its functionality and safety. In this blog post we’re going to dive into a journey through the fundamental parts of a vessel. Here’s a list of some of the most notable parts: These […]

Find out where Cummins engines are manufactured and learn about our service as an official Cummins dealer

n this article we will discover where the Cummins engine is from and we will also introduce you to our services as official Cummins dealers

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