Cummins opens new heavy-duty engine overhaul center in Krakow

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Cummins, one of the world leaders in engine technology, has taken a bold step into the future by opening its new high horsepower engine reconditioning center in Europe. This exciting development represents an important milestone for both the company and the engine industry as a whole, as a factory was needed to meet the current needs of the European market.

Located in the heart of Europe, the new facility will serve as a strategic point of support for customers throughout the region. With its expanded capabilities and improved performance, it will contribute significantly to Cummins’ growth and presence in Europe.

Exterior of the Cummins engine reconditioning center. 
Krakow, Poland.

Inauguration of the reconditioning center: the heart of innovation

Cummins inaugurated this Wednesday, October 4th, the new high power engine reconditioning center, called “European master rebuild center”, of more than 4,600 m2 and located in Krakow (Poland).

To present this new factory, Cummins has invited dealers and managers who, for two days, have been visiting the facilities and holding meetings and exchanging ideas and impressions.

Three Cummins official service companies from Spain attended the event, including our company, Talleres Nasio, represented by our managers and dealers, Luis Miralles and Vicente Miralles.

On the right,  respectively Luis and Vicente, together with representatives and the head of Cummins Spain.

State-of-the-art technology at the forefront of the industry

Cummins’ new reconditioned engines center has become the epicenter of innovation in the field of high-horsepower engines. This state-of-the-art complex has been designed to perform a variety of key functions, from overhaul and repair of existing engines to research and development of advanced technologies.

Equipped with the latest generation of machinery and diagnostic tools, the center can perform high-power engine overhauls with unparalleled precision and efficiency for engines from 19 liters upwards, both diesel engines and marine engines, including, among others, the renowned QSK60 series.

Cummins ReCon: Confidence in engine reconditioning

The Cummins ReCon program is a Cummins initiative designed to optimize the durability and performance of engines and engine parts, as well as extend their service life, as it is a comprehensive service and maintenance program that focuses on rebuilding and overhauling Cummins engines and components. 

Through Cummins ReCon, equipment and fleet owners can take advantage of a number of key benefits:

  1. Cummins quality: The program ensures that genuine Cummins-backed parts and rebuild methods are used to maintain engine quality and reliability.
  2. Life extension: Cummins ReCon focuses on extending engine life, which translates into lower cost over time.
  3. Energy efficiency: Engine rebuilds can improve efficiency and fuel consumption, contributing to greener, more economical performance.
  4. Reduced downtime: Cummins ReCon service is performed efficiently, minimizing downtime and keeping your equipment up and running.
  5. Dedicated support: Highly trained and experienced Cummins technicians perform the service, ensuring your engine is back up and running like new.

When you purchase a Cummins ReCon part, there is a charge for the core in order to rebuild that part so that it can be used again. This charge is fully refundable, once the core is returned and Cummins approves the condition of the core for rebuilding.

At Talleres Nasio, as an Official Cummins Service, we perform the service of selling Cummins ReCon items in full and we help you with all the doubts you may have about how to proceed with the return of your Core.

Commitment to sustainability

An engine rebuild includes a complete disassembly, cleaning, inspection and replacement of major components, which extends the life of the original engine and in many cases reduces fuel consumption and improves performance. 

In addition to its focus on rebuilding high-horsepower engines, Cummins is also committed to sustainability at all stages of its overhaul process. The Krakow facility is designed to be environmentally friendly, with waste management practices, energy efficiency and reduced carbon emissions.

Boosting the local economy

The opening of the Cummins heavy-duty engine overhaul center in Krakow is also exciting news for the local economy. The facility has created numerous jobs in the region and has strengthened Cummins’ relationship with the community. In addition, the center is expected to attract engine experts from around the world, which could make Krakow a hub for the industry.

In summary, the opening of Cummins’ new high-horsepower engine overhaul center in Krakow marks a milestone in the engine industry and reflects the company’s commitment to technological excellence and sustainability. 

This center will not only be a hub of innovation, but will also drive economic growth in the region. With its focus on quality, leading-edge technology and social responsibility, Cummins continues to be an undisputed leader in the world of high-horsepower engines.

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