Cummins ReCon Core

Cummins ReCon Core is a benefit offered by Cummins for obtaining money in exchange for rebuilding your engine or worn parts. In Talleres Nasio, as Oficial Cummins Service, we perform this service in a fully way and also help you with all the doubts you can have about how to proceed with the refund of your Core.

What it’s Cummins ReCon®

ReCon is the name asingend by Cummins to the products that rebuilded in their own installations, strictly following the procedures that guarantee that each engine or part is examined, checked and tested fulfilling with Cummins specifications.

¿When should I acquire a ReCon engine?

  • Engine block is damaged
  • Engine needs a an expensive repair
  • Chronics issues with the engine
  • You value Cummins warranty
  • You need to avoid inactivity time
  • You want to improve the resale value of the equipment

How the Cummins Core ReCon policy works

When purchasing a Cummins ReCon part, there is a charge for the Core in order to be able to reconstruct that part and use it again. This charge is fully refunded, once the Core is returned and Cummins approves its conditions for the reconstruction.

To claim this benefit is necessary to comply with the Cummins Basic Acceptance Policy

Core devolution guide

Before returning the core, read carefully the General Policy Acceptance and the Core return procedure that is detailed below, in order to make sure you comply with Cummins guidelines acceptance.

Core Return Procedure


  • Cores must be in normal wear conditions. Damaged, cracked or with principal broken parts cores won’t be accepted. 
  • Please drain all the intern fluids before sending it. Core must be delivered clean of oil, fat or dirt. 
  • Return packages must be the original ReCon boxes purchased to replace the item, otherwise they will not be accepted by Cummins.

Steps to follow for the return:

  1. To avoid oil or fuel leaks, wrap the core in a plastic bag when you send it
  2. Pack correctly the product in their original box in order to be picked up by a carrier. 
  3. Send it to our address, postage paid.

When we receive it, we send it to the Cummins factory and, if it is accepted by the factory, we proceed to the Core devolution. 

Frequently asked question of the Cores devolution

The core is the old piece that is delivered when a remanufactured part  is purchased. We can say that it works as an exchange.

Is the box where the new ReCon part is delivered, which will be the one that will replace the part you have and are going to replace.

Cummins parts that can be remanufactured include a Core deposit. This deposit is fully refundable. When the customer returns the Core and Cummnis checks that is correct, they refund it to us and we give it back to our customer.

Shipping costs are responsibility of the customer.

We take care of the shipment and shipping costs to the Cummins factory. 

We take care of that. Clients send us the Core to our offices in Talleres Nasio, postage paid, and we send it to the Cummins factory.

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