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We are part of the Sole Diesel official distributors network

In Talleres Nasio we are dedicated to the sale, installation, maintenance and repair of Sole generators and engines for recreational boats, as well as the sale of spare parts for them. We have an exclusive service of assistance and sale in the area of the east coast such as Valencia, Castellon, Tarragona and surroundings.

Why Sole Diesel

Sole diesel was founded in 1946 in Barcelona, Spain. Since then, it has been dedicated to the manufacture and sale of marine engines and generators for various applications.

Its specialization is focused on providing reliable and efficient power solutions for vessels, and has a high recognition in the marine industry in our country, for the quality of its products and service.

Authorized Sole Diesel service

At Talleres Nasio we are an authorized Sole service, so here are some of the products and advantages you will find if you decide to incorporate the Sole brand with Talleres Nasio:

  • Sole Diesel marine engines: Sole Diesel is known for its diesel engines designed specifically for marine applications, such as in professional and recreational vessels. The Sole diesel marine engine is often noted for its efficient performance, durability and resistance to the harsh environmental conditions of the marine environment.
  • Sole marine electric generators: In addition to diesel engines, the company manufactures marine generator sets. These generators are essential for providing electrical power on board vessels when an external source of electricity is not accessible.
  • Sole Diesel spare parts sales and after-sales service: Sole offers a specialized after-sales support and technical assistance service to ensure the continued good performance of its engines and generators
  • International distribution network: The company has a network of distributors and representatives in different parts of our country, of which Talleres Nasio is part of as authorized service.

As an authorized Sole Diesel service we have an online store with a selection of articles of the brand, as well as availability to order Sole Diesel spare parts for our customers upon request.

Our mechanics are qualified to perform the installation, repair and maintenance of sole diesel gensets. Always offering an immediate and quality technical service.

In Talleres Nasio we have a high commitment with our customers. That’s why, as an authorized Sole service we have a wide stock of articles, so you can choose the best for your engine or boat.

Featured products

We have a stock of over 20,000 articles, among which it can find: New, ReCon and used engines, marine generator sets, new and used marine gearboxes, new and used Cummins original spare parts, and a large selection of parts and spare parts for your engine and boat. Discover our selection of featured products.

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Marine genset 10GSC Single-phase 12V. 50Hz. Solé
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Solé marine generator set 8GTC three-phase 12V. 50Hz.
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Solé marine generator set 7GSC single-phase 12V. 50Hz.
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