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Maintenance and repair of marine gearboxes

Our long experience in naval mechanics endorses us as experts in the integral service of repair and maintenance of marine transmissions in vessels, both recreational and professional.

Our mechanics have more than 40 years of experience in this field, and in our facilities we have test benches to check the correct operation of the marine gearboxes, once the repair is finished.

Our marine gearbox repair services include:

  • Diagnosis, disassembly, repair and subsequent mounting of marine gearboxes
  • Repair of inverters  and gearboxes, both in our facilities and outside them.
  • Complete overhaul
  • Washing and painting after gearbox repairs
  • National and international online store of new, used and reconditioned gearboxes of various brands.
  • National and international online store of spare parts for marine gearboxes
  • Guarantee of the best quality for your vessel 
  • Technical assistance and help in repairing or finding replacement parts for your transmission equipment
  • Possession of official brand manuals for the correct repair of mechanical gearboxes
  • Immediate and quality service
  • Mechanical workshop with more than 70 years of experience in the sector

Twin Disc

Sale of marine gearboxes and gearbox spare parts

We are not only a marine gearbox repair workshop, but also we are dedicated to the sale of new, used and reconditioned marine gearboxes and gearbox spare parts.

We work with a large selection of brands of marine gearbox, always thinking that you choose the one that best suits your boat. Among them you can find: zf marine transmissions, technodrive Twin-Disc, Capitol, Masson Marine, Reintjest, PRM, Brog Warner, and more.

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Mechanical workshop

Our mechanics carry out the diagnosis and repair with the best machinery, in our facilities and out of them.
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