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Jabsco is a leader manufacturer in diesel engine coolant pumps, diesel fuel pumps, bilge and pressure pumps, as well as accessories for them. 

Jabsco provides high quality and durable pumping solutions, thanks to their more than 90 years experience in the marine sector, from the invention of the flexible impeller pump in 1930. Nowadays, jabsco has offices and distributors all over the world, being the TDF Group (Técnica de fluidos), the jabsco distributor spain

Our Jabsco service

Sales, repair and maintenance of Jabsco refrigeration pumps

We have a team of mechanics specialized in marine mechanics, therefore, we have maintenance and repair service of cooling pumps for marine engines.

But not only that, in Talleres Nasio we also have an online and international shop where you can find spare parts for your jabsco pump and other compatible items.

And don’t forget that, for guaranteeing a right engine refrigeration for your boat, and therefore, his yield, is important to make periodic checks and a good maintenance of your jabsco coolant pump, which we will be happy to make it or send you the parts you need for repair it.

Jabsco is one of the most recognized and used trademarks all over the world, since it produces different types of high quality water pumps, always developed to meet the needs of its customers.

Jabsco cooling pumps for marine engines

Bilge pump

Bilge pumps are so simple that they can handle bilge waste with great facility, are very easy to maintain and have great durability. 

  • Flow rates up to 3,000 liters/hour
  • Pressures up to 2 bar
  • Self-priming up to 3 meters high

Saltwater pump

The jabsco saltwater pump for diesel engines is perfect for engine cooling, flushing, circulation and general applications. We have several models with flow rates from 11 lpm to 314 lpm, and with different skylights orientations.

  • Flange mounting, free shaft or crankshaft.
  • Bronze body.
  • Stainless steel shafts, operating in both rotation ways.

Pressure pump

These are diaphragm pumps that deliver a quiet and uniformly flow of water with good pressure and are suitable for boats up to 20 m (65 ft).

Diesel pump

Jabsco diesel fuel pumps are developed for trouble-free diesel fuel pumping. They are self-priming pumps, which means that they can be mounted in a convenient location away from the tank, facilitating this the maintenance of the pump.

  • Flow rates up to 105 liters/min.
  • Self-priming up to 5 m.
  • Pipe connections of 19, 25 or 32 mm
More than 70 years of experience in the sector, in addition to more than 60 years as Cummins Official Service.
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