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Cummins Turbo Technologies and Holset have been manufacturing and distributing innovative and reliable turbocharger technology for commercial diesel engines for more than 50 years. Nowadays, Holset has positioned itself as one of the world’s largest and most successful turbocharger manufacturers.


At Talleres Nasio we are part of the authorized Holset distributors’ network. 

We have a high commitment with the brand and with our customers. For that, we have a large stock of original Holset turbos for all types of applications and other compatible turbos. Furthermore, we provide advice to help you find the most suitable turbo for your engine.

The advantages of choosing a holset turbocharger

There are many advantages that make manufacturers around the world choose holset for their engine, since holset turbos and parts are manufactured by Cummins meeting all specifications to provide performance, reliability and durability for the best engine components.

By obtaining a Holset turbo we can find advantages such as:

  • Increased engine power
  • Longer engine life
  • Durability and reliability
  • Cummins original spare
  • Less time of inactivity guaranteed
  • Better energy efficiency
  • Greater fuel saving
  • Cummins Guarantee
  • Having the most innovative technology of turbo holset spain
  • Assurance of having the best turbocharger for your engine

How the Cummins Turbo Technologies HE400VG Holset turbocharger works

Holset turbochargers: types

  • Fixed geometry turbochargers

Turbocompresor holset

  • Variable Geometry turbochargers

Turbocompresores de geometría variable

  • Wastegate turbochargers

Turbocompresores de descarga

How a turbocharger works

Turbochargers consist of two main parts: the turbine and the compressor

  • On the one hand, in the turbine we find a wheel and a turbine housing. The housing is responsible for guiding the exhaust gasses towards the wheel, which makes the wheel rotate and the exhaust gasses come out.
  • On the other hand, in the compressor we find a wheel and the compressor housing. The functioning of these is opposite to that of the turbine, since the compressor is responsible for collecting and compressing the incoming air, while the turbine expels the gasses to the exit area. Therefore, this compressed air reaches the engine to increase the amount of fuel burned, producing more power in the engine.
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