Ship maintenance

Repair and maintenance of professional and recreational boats

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Professional and recreational boats

Our more than 70 years of experience in mechanics and our experience, more specifically in the naval sector, endorse us as experts in all types of ships, both professional and recreational. 

Since our beginnings, our company has been dedicated to the repair of vessels, first professional, such as fishing boats, and later we also included in our service the maintenance of recreational boats, such as yachts, catamarans or sailboats. We also work with vessels for harbor pilots.

Our services for boats include:

  • Diagnosis, disassembly, repair and subsequent mounting of the propulsion and transmission system.
  • Installation, repair and maintenance of Cummins Onan marine generators
  • Complete overhaul and tuning of the vessel
  • Repair of pilot vessels 
  • Remotorization of boats
  • Engine washing and painting
  • Cleaning of diesel fuel circuit
  • Diagnosis and borescope inspection of engine cylinders
  • Cooling system cleaning
  • Repair of vessels, both in our facilities and outside them, as required by the situation
  • Shaft line overhaul  
  • Maintenance and sale of oils, lubricants and filtration systems for vessels
  • Sale, installation and repair of engine spare parts 
  • Sale, installation and repair of marine spare parts and gearboxes

Professional and recreational boats

Repair and maintenance of professional vessels

Our professional vessel mechanic services and vessel maintenance is totally complete and of high quality 

Whether you have a fishing vessel, a passenger vessel, a tugboat, or any other type of vessel, trust us. We will give you the best solutions for you to sail with total tranquility.

Repair and maintenance of recreational boats

Our mechanical service of maintenance of recreational boats is totally complete and of high quality.

Whether you have a yacht, a catamaran, a sailboat or any boats with an inboard propulsion engine, trust us. We will give you the best solution so that you can sail with total tranquility.

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