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We are part of the official Valvoline distribution network in Spain

Valvoline is a manufacturer of engine oils and lubricant, which has been developing and improving its formulas for more than 150 years worldwide.

Valvoline products exceed the standards of all major diesel and gasoline engine manufacturers and are approved and recommended by Cummins. Cummins supports and sells Valvoline Premium Blue engine oils for its engines and generators through its distributors worldwide. 

At Talleres Nasio we are your official valvoline distributor, officially selling Valvoline Premium Blue oils and lubricants.

Valvoline: The original engine oil

Valvoline has not only been making engine oils, lubricants, coolants, greases and fluids for 150 years, but also Valvoline introduced the first commercial engine oil in the USA in 1866, and today it continues to produce the highest quality products on the market.

Benefits of using valvoline Premium Blue oil

Valvoline Premium Blue oils are endorsed by Cummins, as they have been tested in all conditions, engines and applications to confirm and approve in accordance with SAE, CES and TMC industry standard specifications.

Moreover, buying valvoline oils at Talleres Nasio has advantages such as:

  • A wide range of high quality valvoline filters for your engine.
  • Maintain and maximize your engine life
  • They have a higher efficiency
  • Oils approved and recommended by Cummins
  • Highest protection against engine wear
  • Official valvoline Spanish catalogues, maintenance manuals and service
  • High levels of engine performance
  • Advanced formulas developed by experts every day
  • Have an expert valvoline lubricant adviser

Market applications of valvoline oils

  • Marine
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Industrial
  • Trucks and buses
  • Power generators
  • Locomotive industry

Valvoline expert opinions

“After many years of experience in the sales and after sale service of material and spare parts for our customers, I have been able to verify that Valvoline oils are the preferred ones not only for our customers, but also for our mechanics, who do not hesitate to always use them in their engines.” Mari Carmen, sales manager of Talleres Nasio, tells us.

At Talleres Nasio we are an official valvoline distributor in Spain. That is why we have a large stock of valvoline products for all types of vehicles and engines. We also have expert advisors who will help you choose the right oils and fluids for the application you need. Because above all, at Talleres Nasio we think of you.

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