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Cummins is an American manufacturer and dealer. It is the world leader in diesel engines, natural gas engines and recently it also develops engines that reduce the carbon footprint, such as hydrogen engines.

Cummins Engine Company, was founded in 1919 in Columbus, Indiana by Clessie Lyle Cummins

with the aim of becoming one of the first companies to use the innovative technology developed by the German engineer Rudolf Diesel years ago.

lo antiguo cummins

In the 1950s, the United States established a plan to link its road network throughout the whole country. It was here that Cummins played a crucial role since its engines were the ones capable of supporting the heavy work that construction and transport machinery had to do.

It was then that the company becomes international and began to build a worldwide Distribution Network. In just 10 years, in the 1960s, Cummins had expanded to more than 98 countries, with 2,500 service points all over the world.


Scotland, 1956, the cummins group expands its horizons with the construction of its first plant in an international market, starting its global business.

Cummins has a large worldwide dealer network of which we have been a part since 1963.

Our history at Cummins dates back to the summer of 1963, when the first edition of the Barcelona Boat Show took place.

The brothers Ignacio and Vicente Miralles, the mechanics and managers at the head of Talleres Nasio at that time, visited Barcelona and the Boat Show with their father and founder of our company, Ignacio Miralles “Nasio”, to learn about the latest developments in the sector. 

Ignacio Miralles (son) says that he was walking around the show looking at all the stalls and engines on display. Suddenly, there was an engine that caught his eye, an engine he had never seen before, a Cummins NTO 6-cylinder engine with around 180 hp.

Ignacio approached the Cummins stand representative to ask him everything: what Cummins is, who and where the engine was made and how it worked. However, before the agent could explain everything, Ignacio, who was very curious, had already discovered how it worked and decided to explain him how his own engine worked. Both talked about engines and about this American company that Ignacio had just discovered. Even today, when Ignacio tells us this story, his face lights up when he remembers the first time he saw the engine.

That year Vicente and Ignacio became official Cummins representatives, and Talleres Nasio became part of the Cummins Locations in Spain.

The brothers Ignacio and Vicente Miralles at the Barcelona International Boat Show, with the directors of Cummins Spain Don Miguel Angel Ivan and Mr. Castaño, at the presentation of the Cummins KTA38 950 Hp PT injection engine, first generation. The 70s.

Nowadays, almost 60 years after our incorporation into the Cummins network, we are the first Cummins service in Spain that is still working. Our company has the Certified Cummins Shop and our current mechanics and managers, Vicente and Luis Miralles who are sons of Vicente and Ignacio, are certified as Official Cummins Agents and are currently in charge of Talleres Nasio.

Our long history, years of hard work, effort and performance, but above all, progress and innovation within the mechanical sector, keeps us as a reference of Cummins in our country. Specifically located within the area of cummins Valencia in the province of Castellón.

Vicente and Luis at a Cummins Spain Dealers Convention in 2016.

Our cummins service

Our services as Cummins Full Service Dealer include:

  • Installation, repair and maintenance of cummins engines (marine, agriculture, construction, municipal services, mining, etc.)
  • Installation, repair and maintenance of cummins generator sets
  • Online shop with a large selection of original cummins parts
  • Sale of new, ReCon and used cummins parts
  • Best quality guarantee for your engine or vessel
  • Qualified and certified cummins mechanics with official courses carried out both in Spain and at the Cummins factory in Daventry, England.
  • Official cummins electronic diagnostic program, Insite & Inpower
  • Guaranteed certification on most of the cummins engines we work with
  • Cummins manual for each engine or part if required
  • Prompt, quality service
  • Mechanical company with more than 70 years of experience
  • The best quality for your engine with official cummins brands such as Valvoline oils and lubricants, Fleetguard filters, Holset turbochargers…
  • And much more!


Cummins QSK95 engine

Cummins as a synonym for innovation and progress

Cummins is clear that its mission is to improve people’s lives by empowering a more prosperous future. Since its inception, the company has been known for its commitment to innovation and progress. “We must be agile to keep up with the times and deliver the energy and technology they demand”. 

Nowadays, Cummins is focused on finding energy solutions to reduce its carbon footprint for a more sustainable world. They have an environmental sustainability strategy and a Destination Zeroproduct strategy. With these, Cummins aims to include the principles of decarbonization in order to reduce the use of our planet’s resources and progressively improve sustainability in the transition to near zero emissions.

But this is not its only mission, the company also has a strong social and ethical responsibility, where they carry out programs and practices of equality, inclusion and racial equity.

Cummins engine applications

  • Marine
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Oil and gas
  • Rail
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Defense

Cummins engines

Cummins marine engines: the best choice for your boat

Our services include the sale, maintenance and repair of Cummins engines for marine, recreational and passenger boats.

Cummins manufactures a wide variety of engines for you to choose the one that best suits your boat. Propulsion engines, auxiliary engines and ReCon engines. Whether you are looking for an engine for a yacht, a fishing vessel, a passenger boat, a tugboat, or any other type of ship, trust us. We will provide you with the best solutions for you to sail with complete tranquility.

Cummins engines: technology applied to hard work

We are also dedicated to the sale, maintenance and repair of cummins engines for use such as mining, municipal services, agriculture, construction, heavy machinery, etc.

Cummins manufactures a wide variety of engines to boost your operations. From engines for construction machinery, such as earthmoving machines or material handling equipment, to engines for the agricultural industry machinery, such as tractor engines or combine harvester engines. 

Cummins engines are designed to offer the highest durability and power helping to respect the environment by fulfilling today’s emissions standards, and researching in order to provide environmentally sustainable solutions.

Featured products

We have a stock of over 20,000 articles, among which it can find: New, ReCon and used engines, marine generator sets, new and used marine gearboxes, new and used Cummins original spare parts, and a large selection of parts and spare parts for your engine and boat. Discover our selection of featured products.

More than 70 years of experience in the sector, in addition to more than 60 years as Cummins Official Service.
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