Successful case: Before and after the repair of a ship’s tail shaft

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Today we want to show you the before and after of a glue shaft with sealing by packing.

A work that Talleres Nasio has been doing for many years in our facilities, with a very meticulous work method, since the final result of all the pieces has to be exact and precise.

Before and after the tail shaft

Do you know what the packing closure is?

Packing sealing is the most traditional way used on professional fishing boats. It is a very good method, but due to the revolutions at which the shaft rolls, the traditional cotton packing in priming has become obsolete, since the friction it makes on the stainless steel shaft makes it suffer a very considerable wear.

In the photos we show you a clear example of how this tail shaft was using a traditional cotton packing after many years of work.

This is how this boat tail shaft used to be:

We measured the maximum wear depth of the shaft and it had a wear in the packing area of 4 mm. After filling the shaft to prevent it from bending, we rectified it as shown in the photo.

Profundidad del desgaste

To avoid this wear, the new GFO and graphite packings are very effective, since they work at higher speed and cause less wear on the shafts.

We also show you the before and after of the horn bushing I had and the new one we put in. The old methods of antifriction bushings are now replaced by technical composite bushings, a modern and more durable material.

After rectification and repairs, this is the final result:

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