Filtration system for marine and heavy duty engines

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Diesel engine filters are critical components that help maintain fuel quality and protect the engine from contaminants that could cause damage.

5 types of filtration systems in diesel engines

  1. Primary fuel filter

This filter is located in the fuel line before the injection pump. Its main function is to remove large particles, such as sediment and rust, which could damage the injection pump and injectors. Primary filters are usually of the water separator type.

  1. Secondary fuel filter

This filter is placed after the injection pump and before the injectors. Its purpose is to filter out smaller particles and debris that could damage the high-pressure components of the fuel system, such as the injectors.

  1. Water separator filter

Some diesel engines use an additional water separator that focuses on removing water from the fuel. This water filtration system is essential to prevent the formation of microorganisms and corrosion in the fuel system.

  1. Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

The DPF is a crucial component in modern diesel engine exhaust systems. Its main function is to capture and retain fine soot particles from the exhaust gases.

  1. Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC)

Some diesel exhaust systems incorporate a DOC to assist in the oxidation of unburned hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide. It works in conjunction with the DPF to reduce pollutant emissions.

It is important to follow the engine manufacturer’s recommendations for when to replace each filter and, of course, to perform regular preventive maintenance to ensure optimum engine performance.

In addition, the use of high quality fuel will contribute significantly to the life and efficiency of the filtration system. That is why we at Talleres Nasio recommend the use of Fleetguard filters.

Discover the excellence of the Fleetguard filtration system:

Fleetguard is a recognized brand of filtration systems from Cummins Filtration, where filters are specially designed for diesel engines and industrial applications. 

Fleetguard products are used in a variety of applications, from commercial and transportation vehicles to industrial and construction equipment. The brand specializes in providing filtration solutions for diesel engines, where quality and efficiency are crucial to engine performance and durability.

Below are some of the types of filters that Fleetguard manufactures:

  • Air Filters:

Fleetguard air filters are designed to capture particulates and contaminants present in the air drawn into the engine. The air filtration system helps maintain the quality of the air entering the combustion system.

  • Oil Filters:

Fleetguard oil filters are designed to remove particles and contaminants from the engine oil. The oil filtration system is crucial to protecting the internal components of the engine.

  • Fuel Filters:

Fleetguard fuel filters are used to remove impurities and contaminants present in diesel fuel. These filters help keep the fuel injection system clean.

  • Fuel Water Filters:

Some diesel engines use additional water filtration systems to separate water from the fuel.

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