Power and protection: Discovering why Valvoline oil is good for you

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When it concerns keeping an engine in perfect condition, choosing the right oil and additives is essential. In this regard, Valvoline stands out as one of the leading brands in the engine lubricants and additives market.

In this article, we will explore why Valvoline oil is good and how its relationship with Cummins further reinforces its quality.

Modern engines operate under extreme conditions, generating high temperatures and friction. These factors can cause premature wear and damage to internal engine parts if not properly lubricated. This is where engine oils and additives come into play.

Lubricants, such as Valvoline engine oils, are essential for reducing friction between moving engine parts, which in turn reduces wear. They also help cool the engine and keep it clean by trapping dirt particles and unwanted deposits. Additives, on the other hand, are chemicals designed to further improve oil performance by protecting against corrosion, minimizing deposit formation and improving fuel efficiency.

Valvoline motor oil: Quality and experience

Valvoline is a brand that has built its reputation on the quality of its products. With over 150 years of experience in the lubricant industry, the brand has perfected its formula to meet the changing demands of modern engines. Valvoline motor oil is known for its durability and ability to keep the engine running smoothly for longer.

Using Valvoline oils and additives offers a number of significant advantages that contribute to engine performance and durability.

  • Superior protection: Valvoline oils are formulated to provide superior protection against wear and friction. This helps extend the life of internal engine parts and reduces the need for costly maintenance.
  • Effective cleaning: Valvoline oils feature high-quality detergents and dispersants that keep the engine clean by removing dirt and sludge deposits. This promotes more efficient operation and extends engine life.
  • Oxidation and corrosion resistance: Valvoline oils are designed to resist oxidation and corrosion, which helps keep metal engine parts in optimal condition and prevents costly damage.
  • High temperature performance: Valvoline oils have excellent thermal stability, which means they retain their properties even at high temperatures. This is essential for engines subjected to intense working conditions.
  • Reduced fuel consumption: By reducing internal friction, Valvoline oils can help improve fuel efficiency and ultimately save money on fuel costs.
  • Seal and gasket compatibility: Valvoline oils are compatible with engine seals and gaskets, reducing the risk of leaks and ensuring proper sealing.
  • Wide range of products: Valvoline offers a variety of oils, from conventional to high-performance synthetics, to suit different engine types and specific needs.
  • Backed by research and development: Valvoline is a brand with a long history of innovation in the field of lubricants and additives. Its products are backed by continuous research and development to stay at the forefront of technology.
  • Recommended by experts: Many automotive and equipment manufacturers recommend Valvoline products as suitable oils and additives for their engines, demonstrating confidence in the brand.

Valvoline offers a wide range of products, from conventional oils to high-performance synthetic oils. This allows engine owners to choose the lubricant that best suits the needs of their engine.

At Talleres Nasio we are official Valvoline distributors, so in our online store you can find a large selection of Valvoline diesel oil for gasoline engines and diesel engines, especially Valvoline oils and additives for professional and recreational boat engines, especially for inboard engines, but also for outboard engines. Valvoline oils and additives for heavy machinery engines such as excavators, drills, construction machinery, etc.

We have oils and lubricants of various sizes and types such as; mineral oil, Valvoline synthetic oil, semi-synthetic oil, Super Outboard oil, Premium Blue oil, Valvoline hydraulic oil, fuel system cleaner additives, engine oil treatments, contact cleaners, brake cleaners, multi-purpose greases and many more.

The partnership with Cummins: A seal of quality

One of Valvoline’s highlights is its partnership with Cummins. Cummins has chosen Valvoline as a preferred supplier of oils and lubricants for its diesel engines, a testament to the reliability and quality of Valvoline oil.

This partnership demonstrates that Valvoline not only meets quality standards, but also exceeds the expectations of such an influential company in the engine industry.

In short, Valvoline brand engine oils and additives are exceptional in terms of quality and performance. Its long history in the industry and its alliance with Cummins support its commitment to excellence in engine lubrication. By choosing Valvoline, you are providing your engine with the best possible protection and performance, prolonging its life.

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