What is and how does the lubrication system of a diesel engine work?

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Today we will talk about the lubrication system of an engine, how the lubrication system of a diesel engine works, the components of the engine lubrication system, we will also talk about the Cummins spare parts for the lubrication system that we have in stock, and finally, we will talk about the oil filters and the oils and additives that we as a diesel engine repair shop, we recommend you after more than 70 years of experience.

What is the diesel engine lubrication system:

The diesel engine lubrication system distributes oil to all parts of the engine, which decreases friction between surfaces, reduces wear and prolongs the service life of both the engine and its components.

How the lubrication system of a diesel engine works and some of the most important parts of it:

  • Oil pump: The heart of the lubrication system is the oil pump. This pump is responsible for sucking oil from the crankcase (the engine’s oil reservoir) and pumping it under pressure through the lubrication system.
  • Oil filter: Before the oil reaches the moving parts of the engine, it passes through an oil filter that removes impurities and particles that could damage the engine.
  • Lubrication circuit: The lubricating oil is distributed through the engine’s lubrication circuit which consists of ducts and galleries that carry the oil to all moving parts that need to be lubricated, such as bearings, connecting rods, cylinders and camshafts.
  • Cooling: Oil also contributes to engine cooling by absorbing the heat generated by friction between moving parts and transporting it away from the engine. Heat exchanger: Some diesel engines are equipped with a heat exchanger to cool the oil before it is recirculated through the engine.
  • Oil sump: This is the reservoir where oil is stored when not in circulation and also acts as a sump to collect the oil that returns after lubricating moving parts.
  • Oil pressure sensor: Monitors oil pressure within the system to ensure proper flow and alert to potential lubrication problems.

This cycle is continuously repeated while the engine is running.

In summary, the function of lubrication in a diesel engine is to ensure that all moving parts are properly greased to reduce friction and wear, thus contributing to smooth operation and extended engine life.

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