Marine Generators: a reliable source of power at sea

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Marine generators are your assurance of a reliable source of power at sea. From small recreational craft to large commercial vessels, marine generators are indispensable for keeping vital systems and communication equipment operational, and providing power for all the comforts of life on board.

In this article we will explore in depth the crucial role of the marine electric generator, how it works, the importance of choosing the right generator for each type of boat and we will talk about the two trusted brands we work with and of which we are an official service.

Marine diesel generator: our specialty

Marine diesel generators are widely recognized for their efficiency, durability and versatility. These generators are ideal for marine applications due to their ability to operate continuously and reliably for long periods of time and are our company’s specialty due to their efficiency and reliability in the marine environment.

We are an official Cummins Onan service and Solé authorized service.

We have extensive experience in the installation, maintenance and repair of Cummins Onan marine diesel generators. But not only that, we also have experience in the sale of marine generators and in the sale of spare parts for them. And since some time ago, we are also an authorized Solé service, so we are specialized in Solé marine generators.

With advanced technology and corrosion-resistant materials, our marine generators offer exceptional performance and long life, ensuring a constant source of power for all your onboard needs.

Optimizing your marine energy with Onan and Solé generators

Among the marine power options, at Talleres Nasio we highlight two brands for their reliability and performance: Cummins Onan and Solé Diésel. Both have set exceptional standards in the industry, providing boaters with the peace of mind of having a reliable power source.

  • Onan Marine Generator

Onan marine generators are renowned for their exceptional performance and durability. With decades of experience in manufacturing power equipment, Onan has proven to be a reliable choice for vessels of all types and sizes. Whether you’re cruising in calm waters or facing adverse conditions on the high seas, an Onan marine generator offers the power needed to maintain all your onboard comforts.

  • Solé marine generator

Solé marine generators, on the other hand, are acclaimed for their efficiency and optimum performance. With precision engineering and a focus on technological innovation, Solé generators offer a perfect combination of power and fuel economy. A Solé generator guarantees a constant supply of power for all your onboard needs.

Marine generators for sale online

In Talleres Nasio we have an online store formed by a lot of parts and spare parts, and we also have marine generators of many different features, sizes and prices; such as large marine generator, small marine generator, second hand marine generator, you can also consult us for second hand diesel marine generator, in case we could find the one you are looking for, and many more.

We have a wide variety of generators for you to choose the one that best suits your needs. Just contact us and we will inform you of estimated delivery times and everything you need to order yours.

Onan and Solé marine generators represent excellence in marine power generation. With their proven performance and unmatched reliability, these units are the perfect choice for boaters seeking maximum peace of mind and comfort on board.

Sale of quality spare parts to keep your generators in operation

Keeping your marine generators in optimal condition is essential to ensure reliable long-term performance.

That’s why at Talleres Nasio we offer a wide range of high quality spare parts for marine generators. From oil filters and air filters to engine replacement parts and electrical components, we have everything you need to keep your generators in top running condition.

Whether you’re performing regular preventive maintenance or need an urgent offshore repair, our spare parts guarantee a fast and effective solution.

Backed by our experience and commitment to quality, you can rely on our spare parts to keep your marine generators running smoothly in any situation.

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