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We incorporate a new brand: Solé Diesel

Sole Diesel is a Spanish company specialized in the design, manufacture and sales of marine diesel engines and marine generators for recreational, commercial and industrial vessels.

In today’s post we will explore the Sole brand, as well as the marine generators they manufacture and that we have available in our online store, and we will also talk about our incorporation to the company as a Sole authorized service.

Sole diesel marine generator

Marine generators are systems designed to provide electrical power on vessels. These generators are essential to power on-board equipment, lighting systems, communication systems, and other electrical devices while the vessel is at sea.

Sole offers a variety of solutions tailored to the specific needs of different types of vessels, from compact engine or small marine generators to larger capacity marine generators.

Marine generators manufactured by Sole are the ideal choice to guarantee an uninterrupted supply of electrical power, providing reliability and excellence in performance.

Sole has three ranges of generator sets depending on rpm: 3,000, 1,500 and 1,800 rpm. The 1,500 and 1,800 rpm ranges offer power from 6 kva to 180 kva. All models offer single-phase or three-phase inputs and the option of incorporating a soundproof enclosure. In addition, there are several options in kit format to customize the sets according to the needs and the application.

Sole Diesel marine generators are compact, reliable, low noise impact and durable.

What to consider to buy a marine generator

Here are some aspects that could be relevant to consider when buying a marine generator:

  1. Power and capacity:
  • The power of the marine generator should be sufficient to power all the equipment on board without problems.
  • The load capacity of the generator should be adjusted to the specific needs of the vessel.
  1. Efficiency and fuel consumption:
  • The efficiency of the marine generator is crucial for optimum performance and to minimize fuel consumption.
  • The ratio of generated power to fuel consumption is a key factor.
  1. Reliability and durability:
  • In a marine environment, reliability is essential. Marine generators must operate reliably even in adverse conditions.
  • Durability and corrosion resistance are important to ensure a long service life.
  1. Maintenance:
  • Ease of maintenance is crucial to ensure trouble-free operation over time.
  • Accessibility to components and availability of spare parts are important considerations.
  1. Environmental regulations:
  • Complying with environmental and emissions regulations is essential, especially in marine environments where environmental impact is sought to be minimized.

Talleres Nasio: Authorized Sole service

In Talleres Nasio, after more than 70 years of experience, we have an extensive and outstanding trajectory in the field of marine mechanics.

Our experience in mechanics and in the naval sector has been forged over the years, making us highly qualified professionals, both in marine engines and marine generators.

Having reliable power sources in the marine environment is a key aspect for our company. That is why we work with the best brands of marine generators, such as Onan and Solé.

Our specialty lies in Cummins Onan, a brand of which we are an official service and of which we know very well about each Onan marine generator. 

But this year we have incorporated a new brand to our specialized service, Sole Diesel, of which we are part of its network of authorized service companies. 

From now on we have a large stock of Sole spare parts for marine engines and gensets, as well as availability in Sole marine gensets and engines. 

We have a specialized sales team that is in constant contact with the firm to provide the best and most suitable engines and spare parts to our customers, as well as a team of specialized and highly trained mechanics to install, maintain and repair the machine, if required.

Featured products

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