What are anodes used for in a boat and how do they work?

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Constant contact with water and marine elements can cause significant damage to the hull and metal components of your boat. In this post we will explain in detail what anodes are for in a boat, what they are and how they contribute to keep your boat in good condition.

The maintenance of boats plays a crucial role in preserving their integrity. One of the most important tasks is to ensure effective protection against corrosion. This is where anodes, metal devices specifically designed to protect a ship’s hull against corrosion, come into play. These are commonly made of zinc, aluminum or magnesium alloys, which are more active metals than the steel used in hull construction. The basic principle of cathodic protection lies in the electrical potential difference between metals. By connecting the anodes to the hull of the ship, an electrical circuit is established and a current flow is created.

When the ship is submerged in water, the anode becomes the electrical sacrifice. Due to their increased activity, the anodes corrode first, releasing electrons into the water. This electric current flows into the hull of the boat, which prevents the metal of the hull from corroding. To put it more simply, the anodes act as “sacrificial heroes,” actively protecting the hull from corrosion.

Get the most out of your anodes with these 2 tips

  1. Strategic placement of anodes: Proper placement of anodes is essential to ensure effective corrosion protection. They are usually placed in specific areas of the hull that are most prone to corrosion, such as the waterline, propellers, shafts, water intakes and areas near exposed metal components. Depending on the size and design of the vessel, several anodes may be required to cover all critical areas.
  2. Maintenance and replacement: Anodes are not immune to corrosion, as they are designed to wear out rather than the hull of the boat. Over time, anodes gradually corrode and lose their protective effectiveness. Therefore, it is essential to perform regular maintenance and replace them when necessary. A periodic visual check and monitoring of their wear will allow you to identify when it is the right time to replace them and ensure continued protection.

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