Cummins Dealers Spain 2022 Annual Conference

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Talleres Nasio assists at the Cummins Dealers Spain meeting, held in Granada on November 21, 22 and 23.

Cummins holds annual meetings each year with its dealers from Spain. 

The last conference was celebrated in 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal. In 2019, with the outbreak of the global pandemic of Covid19, these meetings had to be suspended, and it has not been until this week when they have been held again.

This time the event took place at the Hotel Porcel Sabica, in Granada. From Monday 21st to Wednesday 23rd November, the 16 Cummins dealers from all over Spain met again to exchange ideas, experiences, opinions, but especially to enjoy time together in harmony, always learning from each other.

This year, Talleres Nasio not only went to the annual meeting with its managers and mechanics Luis and Vicente Miralles, as usual, this year also went to this event Mari Carmen Benitez, our sales part manager.

Vicente and Mari Carmen at a Cummins Dealer Conference, Granada 2022.

The meetings were concentrated on Tuesday 22nd, where the 19 Cummins dealers, together with the company’s managers and representatives in Spain were talking about the current situation of Cummins, both nationally and internationally. 

They also talked about the objectives established by Cummins for 2022, its mission, its KPIs, its goals and the projects that the company has for the short and long term future, as well as the sales and objectives of the 19 dealers spread throughout the national territory.

After these conferences more focused on the corporate branding of the company, team building activities were carried out in which all participants were divided into 5 different groups, and among all were discussing and concluding what they thought it was important to emphasize and expose from their own experience.

At this point, all the participants agreed on the importance of investing in marketing, in order to improve the image, credibility, reputation and recognition of brands and companies, as well as to obtain results at a global level.

Luis Miralles with other Cummins Spain colleagues, Granada 2022.

In conclusion, in Talleres Nasio we believe that, with the progress and development of new technologies and the rise and consolidation of social networks as a channel of information and entertainment in today’s society, it is of vital importance to invest in digital marketing, establish marketing plans and short and long term objectives, as well as to have presence and visibility in all media and channels that internet offers.

Therefore, we are very happy with the evolution and the way we are taking into more digital communication. Since, in our annual objectives, online digital marketing has a great presence that is paying off, both for us and for our Official Cummins Distributor, who has congratulated us for the work and evolution we are having in our website and in our social networks.

Undoubtedly, this conference has been a necessary and enriching activity, not only for Talleres Nasio as an Official Cummins Distributor, but also as a positive personal learning and improvement experience for our team. 

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