Official Cummins QSK19 CM850 MCRS Engine Training and Certification

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Talleres Nasio goes to Cummins Training Centre in Daventry (UK) to be officially certified on the Cummins QSK19 CM850 MCRS engine.

Cummins has training centers in many different countries, where it offers a wide variety of training courses, both online and face-to-face in its modern centers, providing the best training and later certification to its suppliers and official dealers from all over the world. 

In Europe, Cummins has the Cummins Training Centre, located in Daventry (UK). This week Vicent Miralles, one of our expert mechanics in the full line of Cummins engines, has traveled to Daventry with 5 other mechanics who have come to the training center, to get a complete training on all aspects of the cummins qsk19 cm850 mcrs engine.

Entrance to the Cummins Training Centre, Daventry, UK.

To do this, our mechanic has received a previous distance training, about all aspects related to Cummins, diesel engines, cummins qsk19 cm850 engine applications, its characteristics, all engine systems, basic electricity, operation, maintenance, Insite diagnostic tooling operation and much more, before traveling to Daventry, UK, to Cummins Training Centre.

Once at the center, they will take an intensive 5-day course, with a final test, which will give them the Official Cummins certification of complete knowledge of the QSK19 CM850 MCRS QSK19 engine.

Cummins Training Centre, Daventry, UK.

The course is divided into 4 days of theoretical formation in the morning and workshop practices in the afternoon, and a final exam, after which Cummins certifies Talleres Nasio to give official assistance to this engine.

On the first day of the course, they were welcomed, presented and then visited the facilities, where they were shown all the engines they have and with which they will be working in the coming days.

Cummins Training Centre, Daventry, UK.

After the lunch break they went to the workshop where, each 2 people, have been working with the engines qsk19 cm850 cmrs and qsk19 cm500 cmrs. 

In one engine they have removed the injection system (injectors and injection pump) and in the other engine they have removed all the upper part (exhaust system, intake, injection, a cylinder head and a piston).

Our mechanic Vicent together with another mechanic, disassembling the engine in the workshop. 

Specifications of the QSK19 CM850 MCRS Cummins engine for marine industry:

Cummins QSK19 engine with Modular Common Fuel Distribution System, what we call MCRS, is one of the Quantum series engines. This engine has been designed to withstand the conditions that marine operators frequently face.

  • Reliable and rugged power engine.
  • Available for recreational boats and industrial and fishing vessels.
  • This engine has greater stability during periods of idling and a lower level of noise and vibration are the direct result of the action of the Cummins Common Modular Fuel Distribution System.

At Talleres Nasio we are constantly training and learning. We know that the world is in continuous evolution, and that is why, as an official Cummins distributor, it is very important for us to carry out complete training on Cummins engines, their maintenance, repair and applications, in order to offer our customers the best service and the best solutions for their engines and equipment.

Because, as Cummins says, high quality training is critical to continued success. And this is something we are very clear about. 

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