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Cummins QSM marine service kit

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Cummins QSM marine service kit. This kit includes:
- 3 anodes
- 1 water filter
- 1 fuel separator filter
- 1 raw water pump impeller
- 1 oil filter
- 1 anode cooler
- 1 filter separ

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- Genuine Cummins part.

- Cummins 1 year warranty.

- Best quality part guarantee for your engine.

We are Cummins Full Service Dealer. We have a large stock of original Cummins spare parts for your engine.

The best way to find the right part for your Cummins engine is to have its serial number. This way, we will find the exact part you need.

How to physically find the Cummins Engine Identification Number or Engine Serial Number (EIN or ESN) on the dataplate of your Cummins engine: To identify the serial number of your Cummins engine, look on the engine dataplate. The official Cummins term for identifying the serial number of a Cummins engine is ESN. The serial number is the number that appears behind: ESN, SN, Engine Number, Engine No ... And it is always composed by 8 numbers, it never has letters.

On electronic engines the serial number can be found on the dataplate of the electronic control unit of the engine.

If you can't find the serial number of your Cummins engine, you can't find the Cummins product you are looking for, you need information or assistance, contact us. We will be glad to help you.



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